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    There is likewise a distinction in their physical features.

    We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. The present work was begun during the life-time of the late Sir Salar Jung, who manifested a warm interest in its progress, because he believed that a compilation giving a concise historical account of the Dominions of His Highness the Nizam, together with a description of the resources, both agricultural and mineral, (so far as the latter are known) of the country, was greatly needed. Eastwick s Translation of the Hadikatu-1-Alam, printed in his Kaiser Namah, Col. Position — Boundaries — ^Area — Physical Features — ^Water- shed and Drainage — Mountains — The Balaghat Eapge— Sahiadri Parvat Bange — Gaivalagarh Range — Jabia Hills— Rakhigutta Range — ^Rivers — The Godavari — Description of its Course — The Puma — Painganga and Manjira — The EJrishna — ^Description of its Fords— The Tungbhadra and its Fords — ^Tungbhadra Anicuts — Minor Streams — Lakes and Tanks — Forests — Climate- Geology — fron Ores — Magnetite — Hematite — Laterite — Lron Sulphide — Manganese — Rock Formations— Meta- morphics — Kadapa and Eamul Series — Kadapa Formation — Kamul Formation — Bhima Series — Kalad- gi Series — ^Vyndians — Talchirs — Damudas — Kamthis — Panchets — Sandstone in the Qtxlavari and Wardha Valleys-Fossils— Trap— Laterite— Black Soil 1 to 41 CHAPTER II. Hindu Period — The Dravidians — ^Telingana — Tho Dekhan — Vizyanagar and Annagundi — ^Aryan Settlers — Eling Asoka — Paithan — The Satakamis — ^The Kshatrap Dynasty — Digitized by Google li CONTEXTS.The Balaghat range running east and west from the taluk of Biloli in the Indur district, and passing through the districts of Nander Digitized by Google 4 HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE SKETCH chapteri. A range of Balaghat hills lies in the country between the rivers Manjira, Sina and Kagna, proceeding from the taluk of Ashti in the district of Birh, and passing through the taluks of Bhinu, Dharaseo, and Nuldrug, reaches Kulbarga.^^^^ Palam in the Sarf-i-Khas domains, reaches the taluk of Physical and o SSgy. In the south the most important range of hills runs from the taluk of Dewalpulli in the Nalgunda district to the district of Nagar Kamul, from whence it proceeds to the south. wv Jtr^'^% ^^ *^® north the Sahiadri-parvat range runs from east to north-west, beginning in the taluk of Nirmal in the district of Indur, and passing through the Farbhani district and the Assigned Districts of Berar, reaches Ajanta, where it receives the name of the Ajanta Ghfi.t, and goes further on towards the west into the province of Khandesh in British territory.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Portions of the 1st and 3rd Chapters of the present Volume have been borrowed from an Administration Report M310350 Digitized by Google IV ^ which was commenced by Mr. renewed — Fresh Treaty with the British — War between the English and Mahrattas — ^The Battle of Assaye — Death of Nizam Ali Khan — Mir Alam appointed Minister — Holkar's Proposals — His Highness the Nizam's Reply — Death of H. Sikandar Jah — Wahabi Conspiracy — Seraju-1-Mulk appointed Minister — Serious religious Disturbances — The Assignment of Berar — Nawab Salar Jung appointed Minister — Death of H. — Mica and Talc — Calcspar — Greasy Felspar — Hot Springs — Lithographic Limestone — ^Red Chalk — Slates — Lydian Stone — Serpentine and Marble— Steatite — Lithomargic Clays — Felspathic Clays — Building Materials — Kunker Lime — Saline Soils — Coal — Godavari Coal — Forests — Food and Medicinal Plants — Useful Plants in the Haidarabad District — Useful Plants and Substances in Te Ungana — Bees — Lac — Wild and Domestic Animals — Feathered Game — Horses and Cattle — White Cattle of Te Kngana— Agriculture — ^Area under Cultivation — ^Food Grains and Garden Produce in Maharatwari — Food Grains in Telingana — Oil Plants — Cordage Plants — Agricultural Operations in Telingana and Maharatwari — Soils, Telingana — Soils, Maharatwari — Crops ».... — ^Attempts at Navigation 1853 — (Jodavari Barriers — ^Navigation Project — ^Trade Prospects — Mr, Temple's Report on the Project — ^Trade in 1862 — Abandonment of the Navigation Project — Roads — Manupactubes : — Decay of Native Manufactures — Diamond Cutting and Polishing — Haidarabad Exhibition 1856 — Iron — Iron Smelting — Steel — Kunasamndram Steel — Steel Furnaces — Bidri Ware — Method of Manufacture — Sword Blades — Varieties of Sword Blades — Guns and Muskets — ^Arab Muskets — Blunderbusses — Arab Weapons : — Jumbias — Sakin — Chimta — Pathan Weapons : — Eatar — Rohilla Weapons : — Pesh Khabz— Sikh Weapons : — Bank — — ^Bichwa Maru — Chura — Bullam— Khanjer — Sanani — Safdara — Earoli — ^Eta — Weapons of the Reformed Troops — Gunpowder — Cartridges — Swords — Lance Heads —Carbines — Pistols — Leather Work — Accoutrements — Warangal Carpets — Kamkhab — Mashru — Hemru — Em- broidered Muslin — Brocades — Dopattas— Tasar Silk — Mis- cellaneous : — Silk Winding — Gold and Silver Thread and Wire — Dyes — Saltpetre — Paper— Sugar — Salt — Pottery— Bangles — Oil Pressing— Liquor — Leather- making ! They are bounded on the north by the province of Khandesh Boundanoi.Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. .; 371 to 433 Digitized by Google HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE SKETCH OF HIS HIGHNESS THE NIZAM'S DOMINIONS. and the river Tapti, which separates them from the district of Burhanpur in the Bombay Presidency ; on the south by the rivers Tungbhadra and Krishna, forming the northern boundary of the districts of Ballari, Kamul and Gantur, and by the district of Masulipatam, all in the Madras Presidency ; on the east by the rivers Wardha and Godavari, which flow along the western limits of the districts of Chanda and Sironcha, both in the Central Provinces ; and on the west by the districts of Dharwar, Kaladgi, Sholapur and Ahmednagar, all in the Bombay Presidency.

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