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    He said working with children is what motivated him to go back and finish his degree.

    Bleach episode 93 online dating

    Can you even imagine the freakish, alien, weirdo he must be to put up with Sherlock all the time? So what happens when you mix a 'loony' pureblood witch in a muggle area with logic driven residents? He is black yarn and ripped seams and patches of mismatched clothe. Slash The pressure is on for Draco to find a girlfriend. In the end, he thought as he stepped out onto the pool deck, facing his flatmate and best friend, I really should have seen this coming. There is a very good reason why hit-men stay the hell away from Baker Street. The only thing Light is sure of, now, is that every time the word drips off of L's lips, 'pet,' in reference to his captive, the world's three greatest detectives means it completely, one hundred percent literally. Slight AUWhen Harry was five, he was adopted by the Powerful Cortalioni Family. Over the course of the evening, John realises that everyone in the room - apart from him - seems to think that he and Sherlock are a couple. The explosion causes John to forget everything that came after being shot in Afghanistan.Starts with Dumbledore, Snape, and Mc Gonagall getting Harry, instead of Hagrid, and goes in random order from there. You have to wonder what those poor women he dates thinks of it, especially if John decides to try keeping one away from Sherlock, and Sherlock decides that it'd be best if he could get rid of her Anderson's half-brother is in town, and Sherlock's less than excited to meet him, but who would have expect what a treat John Watson would turn out to be. The events that follow after are nothing short of catastrophic. Sherlock is an alpha, but he leaves because John asks. John, as always, patiently waits out the craziness. When Sherlock's offered a case by a high-ranking lawyer that gives way to a murder investigation, John doesn't foresee that he could be the one being targeted. Tsuna has always been known as "No-Good Tsuna" all throughout his school years- and it was well-deserved. All right, it doesn't come right out and say that on the website. Voldemort takes his horcrux into protective custody. They are the most exclusive clubs in all of Japan and they specialize in auctioning off human beings. Naruto considered himself a lucky person until Sasuke decided he would be his living canvas. What does Aizen plan to do to the poor orange-haired teen? Tsuna should have never allowed the consumption of alcohols at the party. Multiple pairings; Bad words courtesy of Xanxus and Yamamoto, or Squalo and Gokudera, however you see it. Blind and with only a dog as a true friend, Tsuna never thought he'd be able to amount to anything and neither did anyone else. At least then you'll be forced to eat healthy, stand straight, sit normally, and sleep like a normal person. Unfortunately, Raito discovered that he was just trading one Hell for another. 6927, 1827, 10027 two shot test fic Christmas draws near and Itachi takes Sasuke out so that he may pick out his present at a place Itachi knows Sasuke will find something he likes. 1827 Hibarix Tsuna“How does it feel knowing no one will come for you? So perfect that Sasuke can't stand it, and so Naruto must pay for playing with the Uchiha's feelings. Gaara x Naruto Revenge is a dish best served cold, but sometimes it turns out to be hot. Sena is sick one day and Hiruma decides he'll see for himself if Sena's to sick to skip practice. He will finally learn the truths he needs to know..they're hardly going to be pleasant ones. But last year two people learned the truth about Harry... Gon faces difficulties in Sex Ed class, and somehow gets involved in a private assassin school... Harry thought he was going off to his first day of elementary school, but his Uncle had other plans.John's learning how to be a proper vampire, with a very improper sociopath "helping" him along the way. Sherlock stalks an assassin then gets kidnapped by said assassin. He should have realized his archnemesis would take this as a perfect opportunity to hurt his Most Important Person. Follow up to 'You'll Have To Do Better Than That' - Sherlock and John are on the Baskerville case while dealing with the aftermath of Sherlock's..found persuasive abilities. Persuasion Series (2/2)Ed is a chimera whose sole purpose in life has always been to protect his master. He had no athletic ability at all, bad grades, and even worse luck. See warnings inside."The Mayo Clinic prescription for hypothermia is this: Tea. But Sherlock can read between the lines." A prequel to "Heat Wave."Young Harry liked numbers, he liked using numbers and working out the value of things. Hao is lucky enough to get himself an invitation and he vows that he will leave there with one of the... Hao XYoh Cast away from his village, Kenpachi, in a violent rage comes to an abrupt halt when he is overwhelmed by the need to mate. One day Naruto gets to know how it feels like to run for his life. Harry decides he wants to do things his way, because Dumbledore's method of defeating Voldemort just doesn't appeal. *Yaoi-Rape* Aizen Ulquix Ichi-Ulqui Ichi-Aizenx Ichi-Grim Ulquix Ichi..Hiruma receives a box of chocolates on Valentines day without a name of who the sender is. Tsuna Sawada is your average computer otaku and not very social, but what happens when her world gets turned upside down? That is, until Reborn enters his life and turns his whole life upside down. Sasu Naru, Abuse, Angst, AU, BDSM, Bond, Ds, Humil, Language, S&M, Slavery, Tort, Violence, WIP, Yaoi HPDM slash. ” Ichigo bowed his head in shame“How does it feel to know there all dead? But Sasuke's resolve begins to weaken when other forces surface. Fallen angel Raito is just trying to get something to eat thanks to his newly found human food cravings. But during his visit something happens and now he can't seem to get the younger boy's soft lips out of his mind... Will be HG, RHWhen people ask you how the infamous Draco Malfoy made out after the war, you smile and reply 'He’s a bit tied up at the moment, but last time I saw him, he was very good'.” Power and lust after the war. Spike comes to Hogwarts to protect the Malfoy heir. Snape begins the year with a mistake that sets his ward against him. Plans that involved finding an abandoned alley and dumping Harry off. Likes: food, good stuff, chocolate, hockey, art, making art, anime/manga (see fav stories for list), yaoi, animals that don't bite me, llama's, and cute things/people in general... To a certain CEO, this could be the chance of a lifetime. Yet another take on the infamous 'pool scene' and what might have happened before. Amanda Holmes is called to her youngest son's school. Follows 'I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus' and 'For Auld Lang Syne.' John/Sherlock pairing. The number one reason is not due to Sherlock Holmes, but the Battle Butler behind him. Now he lives in Italy, is the Lombardi Prodigy, and heir to the Cortalioni enterprise. He becomes obsessed with trying to gain his memories back.

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    Some of these shows are even Older Than Television.

    He meets a persistant wolf who fell in love with him. Phantom Thief Tsuna is hired to steal the Vongola Rings. Sawada Tsunayoshi is a college student gifted in creating art. When Professor Mc Gonagall went to visit Harry Watson, son of Mr. Watson, to deliver his Hogwarts letter, she was in the mindset of performing a familiar if stressful annual routine. The only reason you feel for Holmes is because he's held you captive for so long. You didn't arrange meetings with Sherlock Holmes, he texted you an address and you had better be there on time. So when John got a text from an unknown number, that said 221B Baker Street, come at once if convenient. Sasuke is an Oyabun Yakuza Leader who bought Naruto from the slave auctions. It's entirely natural for him to do so with a little sexing. Making love to his lover whispering sweet, sweet nothings to him…in his own voice. Complicated by the fact that Ron's never played before and this IS Hogwarts, the game somehow becomes rife with outrageous corruption, lousy service, and jail time for minor traffic violations Also known as The Mysterious Coupling of Cousin What and Viktor Krum. How does he fare whilst training to fight in war that's older than himself? Based on the wonderful fic by Ruffnut Thorston knew three things about Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: 1. A twist on the story Densha Otoko where Tsuna as Hermes is saved from a potential molester on the train... Harry, who thought he had settled his grudges with Malfoy long ago, is startled by the way he responds. This is a Shirosakix Ichigo -Semex Uke- collection of ficlets that are one-six chapters each in length. Naru Gaa now on Hiatas The Kyuubi doesn't want to die. He's meant to be immortal and he has no intention whatsoever to go against his very nature. Irie has one last plan and Tsuna takes it without looking back. Who was the faceless man visiting his dreams, and what was it about the night that lured him into the dark and away from life? 15 wants to play mind games and drive Ichigo over the edge before consuming him completely. What is Naruto going to do with his new skills this new Bloodline ... Three years later, Sai left and Hikaru got an offer to the B-leagues. Shin's a feral child who has just recently been found. Disguised as a girl, Naruto will spy on Kage level kunoichi at the Cute Polar Bear Hot Springs Festival. Naruto finally find the right job, as a pool boy, for none other then the uchiha brothers. It's all about Slade and Red X, two guys who we all love to see paired up with our favorite bird Robin. Part two: Mamori’s Super-Ultra List To Protect Sena From Perverts. Rated for Hiruma's mouth and innuendo XD As always, dedicated to Shinnie the Meanie for awesome work beta'ing. The Team Japan cheerleaders want to go shopping in New York and are convinced that there's no real point in going if they can't get a guy's opinion on things. thank goodness a certain blonde entered his life making the situation alot better. Grimmjow claims that Ichigo is very much in love with him. A certain challenge is set to determine who's telling the awful truth. Hence, he will stop at nothing to shove it to the Espada's face. even after you follow me into death, we will remain.' The wizarding world tries to rebuild and forget, but history will always repeat itself. [oneshot][Sasu Naru] It is common knowledge that the entertainment world is a cut throat business.

    What will the Kitsune do when the black wolf chooses him for a mate? No one expects the Sky Ring to mark him as a candidate for Decimo. When he discovers the existences of gods and creatures of legend, his life is turned upside down. Consequently, she was not prepared to find Harry Potter at 221B Baker Street. Harry Naruto learns of his father the night he beats Mizuki. Bored with no cases, bored with life, bored with everything. Come fall into my dark world again John, and this time do it for real. This story is based/inspired by the manga Okane ga Nai No Money! I borrowed some scenes and lines from the manga, so don’t be surprised if you encounter familiar scenes. 11 chapters The first time John met Sherlock, it didn't register with him what the man truly was. Jim Moriarty was a man of simple pleasures, like attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to "people watch". Definite Squick, with more than a hint of slash and maybe het. only to realize that his savior is probably the worse of the two. Legend has it that a red string connects two people who are destined to fall in love. When Harry decides to quit Auror Training in order to care for young Teddy over the summer, he has quite enough to worry about without Pansy Parkinson dumping a mute Draco Malfoy on his doorstep. Aside from the fact that he was the next heir as the Vongola family boss, Sawada Tsunayoshi was raised as a normal teenage boy. Matt falls for this blond girl, without much hope of a reply. Please read the warnings, not for underage readers. True, he's stuck inside Naruto, but the boy has absolutely no say in this matter. If there is a God of Time, he must hate Tsuna for all his messing around. Ichigo wants 15 strapped to a table with a needle in his arm. Now, a year a half later, Hikaru encounters the go world again by chance. Acrobats falling in artist's laps, fights with the blade... This is a yaoi, so if you don't like that, don't read it. “Look,” he said, pointing somewhere behind Malfoy’s head. Also could be seen as slight Tyki Allen if you're desperate. Sena's an average stable boy, but after a peculiar set of events he ends up being the only one who can keep Shin calm. Naruto makes a bet with Iruka that in one year's time, he can become a Hand Seal master. On a related note, Sasuke deals with his growing attration to a mysterious new kunoichi. In this fic I take Slade Robin, Red Robin, a bit of Slade Red X and combine them to make something I like to call Sladin X. Guess who's the lucky guy who gets chosen to join them. Gaa Naru Lord Sasuke Uchiha believes that he has lost something precious to him and struggles to convince himself everyday that it didn‘t exsist. Oneshot Grimm Ichi Yaoi Grimmjow is seriously convinced that a certain substitute Shinigami is in love with him. In order to get the big break one has to sleep with someone with authority. Draco isn't pleased to discover he's a Veela at twenty four, especially since both he and Harry are married to other people. So the only way to handle this predicament is to take him to Tsunade's farm where she has several humanoidpets of her own. Kage Bunshin wasn't the only thing Naruto learned from the scroll.

    (Cyril Connolly)The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living (Cicero)Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles (Charles Chaplin)Favourite character in a book/movie (non-anime): Death, from Terry Pratchetts series Discworld. March 2010: Europe Trip (i'm going to steal a rock from Stone Henge!! In the Month of November, you are challenged to write a 50, 000 word novel for the prize of getting your novel PRINTED at the end of that. HERE you go :) She's amazing and did the Faeries so freaking well. :3For info about what is happening with my stories, scroll up, it's right below the You Tube links. Now he's done with both sides of the war and wants to be left alone. Tsuna was eleven when he was hit by a car and walked away from the incident unscathed. They investigate Brixton cases of sudden retrograde amnesia"Dear Hiccup..." Hiccup's plans for his future were tentative at best...exactly how he liked them. Ichigo gets caught by a group of bullies who bring him to thier leader. Fifteen-year-old Harry Potter expects his decomposing corpse to be used as a footstool after being kidnapped by Voldemort, but is kept alive. He will be very easy to break."After the 1st hostage in TGG, Sherlock called Jim, figured out who he was, and now Jim comes to harass the consulting detective at 221B when they're both bored. As he grows older, he constantly has to struggle to keep his footing around a manipulative and bored Dark Lord, who fancies mind games and intellectual entertainment. He gets unexpected help from a strange boy just a bit older than him by the name of John. HPDM slash, sequel to 'The Mark of the Fox' and 'Wolf in the Making.' Harry has managed to flee from Draco, but Draco's Mark still burns on his arm, and Draco is reaching for him in more ways than one. COMPLETE.'There was no denying it, no avoiding it, ignoring it or forgetting it. This blinding pleasure was not something Harry wanted to ever give up...' Mature Rating, Slash Pairing. What happens when new artist Yagami Raito manages to capture the attention of socially inept, anonymous artist L Lawliet? Matchmakers, troublesome sisters, and crazy lawyers pretending to be drag queens? Cue Sherlock's younger sibling complex rearing up and jealousy ensues. Mello and Matt's happy new life begins to spiral downward. Or is a broken relationship, broken bones, and a broken budget all there is left for them?

    A close second would be the Death of Rats : DInteresting thing that happened in October 2009: I'M GOIN TO CIRQUE DU SOLEI!! BWAHAHA)Something awesome to watch/read: omigod, this was such an awesome Death Note doushinji! Warning though, it's yaoi, but not much of it is Rated M. You can put your own book on your bookshelf : P Awesome, huh? NA I know that a couple of authors participate, and it's really fun going to all the events and whatnot. Until I can think of anything else even remotely interesting to say, I'm going to stop writing now so you can stop reading this and instead read my Stories! At age twenty-six, Sawada Tsunayoshi dies without regret, leaving his place as Vongola's leader to another. But since when have his wishes ever counted for anything? He was twelve, when he fell from his bedroom window and woke to his mother's frantic face with nothing to show for his fall. There's such a thing as being too much like the 1st generation. Meet Charles, one of the many reincarnations of Harry Potter. Shirosaki likes what he sees and intends to make the redhead his. In a world of sorcerers and magic, Sherlock is a Faerie-born and John, lacking any kind of magical talent, often seems a bit out of place. AU lighthearted funfest with mature overtones, Post DH Harry gets pulled to an AU only to be expected to do it again. When Misa's beloved Humanoid starts to act strange, Misa rushes to her vet, who suggests getting a friend for Raito... With the intent to avenge his friend, Harry accidentally 'love dusts' himself in the presence of Draco Malfoy I call this my 'Willow' rip off fic, both the dusted dialogue & the dust of broken hearts are taken from said film with intent to spoof ; PSherlock needed to feel every beat of his heart, every rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. Hibari is a ruthless creature of the darkness, bent on breaking one innocent Tsunayoshi. Loosely based off song "Horror of our Love" by Ludo! After his battle with Ulquiorra, Ichigo decides that he needs to be stronger to be able to protect his friends, so he makes a deal with the devil inside of him.

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