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    It's inexpensive, but gosh it doesn't smell inexpensive. The civet/animal scent doesn't go "sour" on me...it's just gripping. It is moonlit in this room and a familiar, attractive person is here. It may not be sweet or overly warm but it is comforting (at least it is for me). I have know idea why I have taken so long to write about this passionate beast. Steamy incense, leather, civet and wood notes that doesn't get too heavy because of the aldehydes. The incense comes and go, making the florals smoky and with the honey it gives of a beeswax sweetness.It's a powdery, dark, shadowy scent on my skin, warming eventually to spices and that sketchy civet, that I can't decide on (do I love it? This magic potion is a reminder of your inner peace and strength. There is just enough honey to sweeten it to perfection. The version I have - from ROSS has nothing with the DNA of back to 80's. The heliotrope with its powdery beauty is highly present on my skin, making the whole feel decadent, narcotic. All of this, the creamy languorous florals, the green oakmoss, the buttery sandalwood, heliotrope, comes wrapped in an exquisite leather that is drenched in civet, giving of an irresistible animality to the entire composition that feels rough and strong, romantic and gentle at the same time. Amazing sillage and longevity, easily fills a room making the wearer the center of attention, something that I personally love.I have the utmost respect and admiration for Liz Taylor and have worn her fragrance line (Diamonds and Rubies, White Diamonds Black Pearls) but Passion I remember smelling the Eau de Toilette at a drugstore one time in Atlanta and I thought it smelled horrible, much too musky and leathery, animalic, aggressive, dark and devil may care, unisex or like a man's cologne. I was just too fond of my feminine beauties like Yves Saint Laurent's PARIS and though I liked Orientals and more mature scents (I am pat my prime) I still prefer for them to have something that kept it fresh and perfumy and female friendly i.e. So for years I avoided this fragrance because I had such a bad first impression of it. I purchased the original vintage Eau de Toilette with the yellow diamond in the bottle as well as miniature dab on bottle from e Bay.I hadn't realized that what I smelled on that drugstore shelf was a reformulation.A purplish grape-like cassis wine scent emerges from the fragrance's opening notes.It smells like wine and grapes, purple smoke, aldehydes, and spices.The bottle, the incredible juice that emanated from the lid before even being spritzed..was over the top. There's something about this that just embraces the wearer and everyone around her. So smoothly blended into a cloud of harmony where one note rolls into another. On my skin the perfume feels more like a floral chypre rather than oriental.I would sneak in after school and spray it on whatever I was going to wear the next day..it STUCK TO ME! I keep a bottle in my collection (84 fragrances strong today) at all times. Spraying this opens up a portal to another world, or perhaps as the scent develops; to a mysterious room. Intoxicating at first and enchanting in the dry down. lilac...balsamic..covered with green notes and smoky woods. The flowers are blended so that not one stands out, apart from maybe the creamy tuberose but mostly gardenia.

    The sweet vanilla and coconut give it a creamy base but it never gets too be a gourmand scent though one might call it dusting powder. The time this fragrance wears on your skin for hours and the cloud of perfume that surrounds you wearing it is so heartbreakingly divinely beautiful. The miniature dab on perfume is a musky and shameless civet.

    This is like one of those fabulous old school classic fragrances I could only wear this at night as it is just too hot to handle by day lol The more I wear it the more I like it. The drydown is predominantly strong oakmoss with a hint of vetiver and patchouli, and the sandalwood feels very creamy and buttery. Smelling it blind I would never have thought of it as a celebrity or drugstore fragrance; instead it is in the same quality ballpark as any designer scent from the decade.

    If you enjoy drama powerhouses and are ok with just a bit too much animalics, this is for you.

    Ps - the review by "gigi the fashionista" is a very informative and enjoyable read. The drydown is Opium style: strong but pleasant powder. I can't believe I wore this in the early 90s, when I was about 13-14 years old. But being from a small town, I didn't have a lot of perfume, so when I got a mini of this (parfum if memory serves) it was my only perfume and I loved it- regardless of what it smelled like... but I did buy more of it after the first mini, so I must have liked it. It starts out very high pitched aldehydes on a smoky background. This fragrance is so Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.

    I would say to anyone "do try it" as it is a very interesting perfume with lots of depth. Fast forward to 2017 when I bought a cheap EDT of whatever recent formulation. I can't imagine how I would survive if it had been a spray. She has encapsulated all emotion and love and it is as it says on the box! Top notes - Aldehydes, Mandarin,bergamot, citrus es, Mid - ylang-ylang, honey, Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose. I am addicted to this perfume..you spray a small amount on your skin only, from beginning to end, the drydown is AMAZING!

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      Minimalism, Surrealism and Post-war abstraction are well-represented, and there are works by heavy hitters such as Picasso, Anthony Gormley, Salvador Dalí, and Andy Warhol.

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