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    Keeping the Conversation Going Isn’t the Only Goal Don’t fall into the trap of asking questions just to make sure the conversation flows well.

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    Alright, Command, be advised that the bottom of this stairwell is just missing. The group moves to the far end of the maintenance warehouse, exiting through a pair of doors leading into a staff break room. The group has to stop briefly to bandage up a survivor whose wound had begun bleeding again. very small, but there is a great multitude of them. As she reaches the manual control panel of the machine, Onru inputs the information provided to her by members of Dr. Lights around the room illuminate, exposing an enormous, vastly complicated machine that encompases the entire back wall of the room.

    () You’re about fifteen meters below where we expected the stairwell to end. Site Command: Team Lead, hold position for a moment. Nanku takes one more shot, striking the entity in its eye and causing it to collapse onto the ground. The floor beneath the collapsed humanoid entity crumbles and falls away, revealing a large hole beneath the floor. some kind of machine near the back of the room, under those lights. To the left of a group, roughly 100m away, there is an explosion and the wall falls away.

    The information within that transmission will contain our location, as well as we can describe it. [ENCRYPTED INFORMATION] [END TRANSMISSION] Addendum 1730.7: Updated Exploration Memorandum In light of recent information gathered by Foundation surveillance teams, it has been deemed pertinent to once again send exploration and recovery teams into Site-13. The remaining creatures from the ceiling are dispatched by the AP-3 and Z-9 teams. The entity lifts another large piece of equipment and throws it towards the group, missing them wide.

    The transmission is wired by dead man's switch to myself, and will be played on a continuous loop until such time that I die. By order of Overwatch Command, SCP-1730's containment procedures have been updated. As they do, and as the room begins to shake more violently, several lights affixed to the machine in the back begin to flash and then dim, and the sound of something winding down is heard over the gunfire. Ohalo throws a fragmentary grenade at the entity, which it catches in one of its outstretched hands and grips tightly.

    That machine draws a frankly impossible amount of energy from some energy source elsewhere in the site, and those creatures I saw feed off of it. T-5 Irantu: We will not have enough time, and the probability of our success drops dramatically if we split up our team. Leeches are beginning to work their way under the door frame and through cracks in the walls.

    I was able to escape them, but they’re no doubt still there. AP-3 Vigo: Why don’t we send a team ahead to disable the machine, and then meet up with them before heading up? T-5 Nanku and Munru hang back to set explosive charges around the door frame.

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