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    As of January 2018, he has over 17.8 million subscribers and 8.7 billion video views, which makes him one of the most popular You Tubers on the website. His mother and siblings gave him the nickname because in Ireland, another name of Seán is John, and a common nickname for people called John in Ireland and the UK is Jack. Shaikh Aboobacker Ahmad, The General Secretary of All India Muslim Scholars Association, was the key note speaker of the Conference.

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    Trailer parks are typically low-income permanent residencies; RV parks/campgrounds are a holiday (vacation) destination.)(slang, often derogatory, used primarily in England) typically a nouveau riche or working class person of most of the time lowish intelligence who wears designer label (e.g.Burberry) copies, fake gold bling, and is a trouble-maker.The somewhat similar bollix is found in American English, but without the anatomical connotations or vulgar sense meaning 'mess up'.The twin pulley blocks at the top of a ship's mast are also known as bollocks, and in the 18th century priests' sermons were colloquially referred to as bollocks; it was by claiming this last usage that the Sex Pistols prevented their album Never Mind the Bollocks from being banned under British obscenity laws."Chav" is used nationally, though "charv" or "charva" was originally used in the northeast of England, deriving from the Roma (people) word charva, meaning disreputable youth.The closest US equivalents to the chav stereotype are arguably wiggers, although the cultural differences are existent.impertinent; noun form, cheek, impertinence; a child answering back to an adult might be told "don't give me any of your cheek" (also there is the expression "cheeky monkey!

    ") or broken beyond repair; bollocks up, meaning to mess up ("He really bollocksed that up"); and [a] bollocking, meaning a stern telling off.Also used to indicated lack of motivation as in "I can't be buggered".(US: "I can't be bothered.")(slang) faeces (feces); nonsense or rubbish: "what a load of cack" could equally be used to describe someone talking nonsense or as a criticism of something of poor quality. Derived from an ancient Indo-European word, kakkos, cognate with German word Kacke, Welsh word "cach" and the Irish and Scottish Gaelic word "cac" which all mean 'shit'.(informal) clumsy * ; left-handed.This is a list of British words not widely used in the United States.In Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Australia, some of the British terms listed are used, although another usage is often preferred.

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      Différents Template y sont proposés mariant des couleurs rouge et noir, orange et noir, d’autres Template customisés sont ajoutés chaque mois.

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