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    Basically, I was tricked into taking all three of them after doing vodka shots. There was a point when thought I should go the doctor, but it got better.God only knows how I walked out of there without any STDs, but I was scared shitless at every cough, sniffle, or illness that stuck around longer than normal.Double dildo bear action (I'm a boyish blond) in the back cab of an 18-wheeler with some trucker I picked up in THE GUTTER.The next day I picked the biggest Alpha-cootie I have ever seen off my junk and flushed it. There was so much sucking, jacking, fucking in the seats..piss play in the men's room. Those were the good ol' days when guys went out to have fun. Piss pig #1 (me) cums up piss pig #2's ass and--still coupled--I let loose about a gallon of yellow gold while I jack a load out of his dick.I was standing in the dark area in front of the DJ booth with a Bud in hand. I was young at the time so it took me a while to join in because I was a bit intimidated, but once I did, I was a very bad boy.It was also the first time I saw a guy getting pissed on in the tub after I roamed through this maze of depravity downstairs. But the entire evening well into the morning hours were the cummiest, whoriest and the most depraved.No regrets: the scene was fantastic, I met some B-list stars (a thrill for me at the time) and hey, when it's 3am and the lights get dim, fellatio is fellatio.I even let him cuddle with me for an eternity afterward; it seemed transactionally fair and seemed to mean the drunken world to him at that moment. I was staggering home from the bars one night when I thought I would dip into the park to see if there was something going on. Before I knew it my pants were around my ankles, one mouth was attached to my cock, another to my balls, someone was dry humping me from behind, and someone else was kissing me.

    Sexually, I've done sluttier things, but this is one of the most brazenly whorish things I've ever done...

    I was so pissed that we almost got into a fistfight over his fee, but finally he agreed to knock off fifty bucks or so. That would have been at the Box Theater in Buenos Aires (Laprida off Avenida Santa Fe), August 2006. "orb) Jerking off for an old man and letting him videotape it for money--I needed some quick cash and he had an ad in the old Denver rag Out Front.

    I fucked two guys up the ass, one in the auditorium, a handsome blue-eyed man on a visit from Rosario, and a short muscle dude in the filthiest men's room in South America. He gave me an extra over the standard 0 fee because I let him suck my nob a couple of times. Well there have been a few, but one of my most infamous was a night at the Mine Shaft in NYC in 1981.

    the phone rang right after, another friend wanted to come over to do it, i said yes and jumped in the shower. no sooner had i got back in bed there was a knock at my window, it was the frat guy on the downlow i was "seeing." he was drunk and wanted a tumble. Spent the night with him and then was an usher in the wedding the next morning. Driving to Ohio with every intention of hooking up with someone I'd met there once. Going to a private, regularly scheduled orgy/sling party back in the early 80's where by the end of the evening my cock had penetrated no less than 15 different guy's asses, I had taken 8 loads down my throat, and I finished up by pile driving a hottie in the sling while about 30 studs encircled us while masturbating. And thankfully they had showers available at the event.

    This is a repeat story, too - but let one of my frat bros fuck the shit out of me after his bachelor party (the night before his wedding). I know that isn't SO terrible, but I felt like a huge whore for not remembering that I had not only met him before but had spent the night with him. all satisfying to my ego, but i felt wretched and lonely at the end of it all.

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